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"Page speed affects both conversion rate and SEO. Thus, improving it will help increase both total traffic and the conversion rate for a page. Funnelair  speeds up funnels and website performance in order to help you maximize the number of converting page visitors".
A page load slowdown of 1 second could cost Amazon $1.6 billion in sales each year
Reducing average load time by 2.2 seconds can increase downloads by 15.4%
traffic might be increased by 9% if to reduce page load time by 0.4 seconds
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Introducing The World's Fastest Page Builder
With our fee form editor you can easily move or rearrange any element anywhere in the page.
Make the mobile view look view exactly how you want. Adjust positions, rearrange or resize elements, show entirely different contents.
Make the mobile view look view exactly how you want. Adjust positions, rearrange or resize elements, show entirely different contents.
Lightning Fast
A/B Split
Dynamic Text
Automatic Image
Timed Delay
Exit Intent
Custom Code
Full Control 3
Mode Editor
Capture and
pass Url Params
 Funnel  Planner
A clean free-form planner makes it so easy to plan your funnel exactly how you want.
 Collect  Leads
Your business need leads to survive and funnelair makes it so easy to collect unlimited leads and store it in our database or send it to a third-party integration.
GDPR Compliance
Collect permission from your visitors to join your mailing list
Multi-step popup
visitors hate long forms so why not collect their information in many steps
Collect surveys
easily setup survey and route the visitor to different pages based on their answer
Custom fields
collect unlimited information from your visitors
  Sell   online
Easily collect payment from your customers using paypal or stripe!
Multiple payment plans
From recurring to one-time to trial payment plans, funnelair does it all.
One-click upsells and order bumps
Increase your average order value by letting customers buy more product at checkout.
Quantity and variant and SKU
Let your customers choose the right T-shirt size and colors and quantity that they want to buy, This is a must for dropshipping sellers
Billing portal for your customers
If a reoccurring transaction fails, your customers will get notified and they will be able to securely update their card details and resume their subscription
Webhook events
Add your webhook URL and we will notify you of every event happen to your transactions
Multi- step checkout flow
Customize your checkout flow and collect payment from your customers in many steps
Schedule a sales email campaign and see how much each campaign has generated
Segment your subscribers based on common things like recent activities or tags and then send your broadcast to them
Dynamic content
Change up your email content based on each subscriber information
Optimized sending
Each subscriber will receive your email on the time most likely will open it
Detailed reporting
see exactly who has opened your email and who has clicked on a link and who has unsubscribed and who has bounced
Automate your business and supercharge your funnels with intelligent workflows to scale your conversion
Cart Abandonment
Create smart and powerful automation when ever a lead drops off the funnel.
Send drip emails to your prospects to convert them into customers
Add and remove tags from your contact based on a recent purchases they have made or any other activities
Act fast
Send an email within minutes of a user performing an action.
Dive deep and see exactly where your funnel is leaking, optimize and launch a split test
Funnelair integrates seamlessly with some of the biggest names in the industry from payment processors to email gateways to autoresponders and webinar softwares.
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